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Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2002 Mar 2
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Rock'n'Rhythm, Fri, 2002 Jan 25

First time on our stage for these two bands (afawr). The seven theme was sheer coincidence. Probably.

New Year's Eve, 2001

Boom!Matt opened. Slumberjack wasn't called that yet. There might even have been more bands. Anyone remember? And John Higbee gives Asia her nickname. Good-bye 2001! New Year's Day 12:15AM, Woolie Wookies are the first band to perform on our stage in the brand new 2002!

Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2001 Dec 22

Date approximate. The first concert actually at (then briefly called "studio75"). The hall was only open from the west end of the dance floor forward, and the raised area in the south-west corner was the stage. There may have been more bands. Anyone remember?

Sooner Park Bandshell Concert, Sat, 2001 Nov 10

The first concert, actually organized by the musicians, was originally scheduled for the main hall, but was moved at the last minute due to various problems. We hired the bandshell and the show went on.

Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2001 Oct 20

(Date approximate) Steven Dudley (Under the Influence) came by to talk about performing at


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