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Rock'n'Rhythm, Fri, 2002 Jul 5
Possibly more bands played. Vid Video may exist, so we may find out.
Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2002 Jun 29
Not entirely sure of the lineup. Negative Fashion might not have played. Others might have. Vid Video allegedly exists, so we may find out when we find the tapes.
Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2002 Jun 22
The mace madness show. Vid Video exists, and we are looking forward to posting it.
Lingua Franca
Rock'n'Rhythm, Fri, 2002 Jun 21
Django Sky was scheduled but did not make it.
Acoustic Stage, Thu, 2002 Jun 13
Vid Video is purported to have been made and may still exist in the catacombs.
Rock'n'Rhythm, Fri, 2002 Jun 7
We must have had something. There's supposed to be Vid video!
Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2002 Jun 1
Unsure of the whole lineup. However, Vid video allegedly exists, so if it is uncovered, we may be able to find out.
Acoustic Stage, Thu, 2002 May 30
Old calendar had this as Rock & Rhythm, not Acoustic Stage. Vid Video allegedly exists, so we may find out what it was when we uncover the tapes, but until then, we'll assume it's Thursday so it's Acoustic Stage.
Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2002 May 25
Not sure of the performers, but Vid video allegedly exists, so we may find out more when we dig the tapes out of the archives.


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