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Galen, Trish, AllanFolk, rhythm, bluegrass, & contemporary, traditional and original compositions performed by a variety of local musicians, including some award-winning pickers and strummers. A little of this, a dash of that, a lot of fun. Mainstays of the Acoustic Stage for many moons now have been Allan Cowell, Trish Webster, Galen Brown, and Jo Ann Smith. Other long-time regulars and frequent performers include Jim Harris, George Downs, Dan Maloney, and Scott Taylor.

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Free & Worth It
Acoustic Stage, Fri, 2003 Mar 7
featuring Free & Worth It
Free and Worth It
C Lonesome Fiddle Blues
Jack o'Lantern
Acoustic Stage, Thu, 2002 Oct 31
Halloween with our Acoustic Stage performers is a howl!
Acoustic Stage, Thu, 2002 Jun 13
Vid Video is purported to have been made and may still exist in the catacombs.
Acoustic Stage, Thu, 2002 May 30
Old calendar had this as Rock & Rhythm, not Acoustic Stage. Vid Video allegedly exists, so we may find out what it was when we uncover the tapes, but until then, we'll assume it's Thursday so it's Acoustic Stage.
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