Tyler Mitchell


Tyler Mitchell

Percussion, Lingua Franca, 2002. Composer, guitarist, vocalist, Halogen, 2004.
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Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2002 Aug 3
Following Negative Fashion, there was a late-night jam. We're not sure who, but Vid video purportedly was made, so in time we may find out.
Rock'n'Rhythm, Fri, 2002 Jul 26
Probably other bands performed. Vid Video may exist, so we may find out.
Rock'n'Rhythm, Mon, 2002 Jul 22
Special Monday rock show with special out-of-town guests. Vid Video may have been preserved from this impromptu evening's performance. How it came about is legendary. Tyler Mitchell should be the one to tell the story.
Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2002 Jul 6
Vid Video once existed, and possibly may still be found.
Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2002 Jun 29
Not entirely sure of the lineup. Negative Fashion might not have played. Others might have. Vid Video allegedly exists, so we may find out when we find the tapes.
Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2002 Jun 22
The mace madness show. Vid Video exists, and we are looking forward to posting it.
Lingua Franca
Rock'n'Rhythm, Fri, 2002 Jun 21
Django Sky was scheduled but did not make it.
New Year's Eve, 2001

Boom!Matt opened. Slumberjack wasn't called that yet. There might even have been more bands. Anyone remember? And John Higbee gives Asia her nickname. Good-bye 2001! New Year's Day 12:15AM, Woolie Wookies are the first band to perform on our stage in the brand new 2002!

Sooner Park Bandshell Concert, Sat, 2001 Nov 10

The first us75.com/studio/ concert, actually organized by the musicians, was originally scheduled for the main hall, but was moved at the last minute due to various problems. We hired the bandshell and the show went on.

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