Green Country Earth Fest 2012 Apr 21

Sat, 2012 Apr 21
The Green Country
Earth Union
 and Bartlesville Area
Friends of the Parks
Green Country Earth Fest
Johnstone Park, Bartlesville [map]
Friday, 2012 April 20th, 4pm-11pm
Saturday, 2012 April 21st, 9am-11pm

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Green Country Earth Fest
TV Playlist, all performers, Green Country Earth Fest 2012 Apr 21
Fran Stallings
A storyteller ... part entertainer ... part teacher ... part weaver of dreams.
11:00 am, Saturday April 21st.
JL Wright
2:00pm Saturday Apr 21
Hills & Downs

3:00pm Saturday April 21

4:00pm Saturday April 21

Paul, Jesse

5:00pm Saturday April 21

TV Playlist, Benjaman and Aycock, EarthFest 2012 Apr 21
1. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Bob Dylan)
2. Mysteries of the World (J Aycock)
3. Grandad (P Benjaman)
4. Blues Stay Away (Alton Delmore)
5. Oh So Blue (Beau Roberson, Pilgrim)
6. Without you (J Aycock)
7. If You're Ever in Oklahoma (JJ Cale)
8. Take me in your arms (J Aycock)
9. My Time (P Benjaman)
10. Sin City (Gram Parsons, Flying Burrito Brothers)
TV 11. Woodie Guthrie (P Benjaman)
12. Steady Rollin Man (Robert Johnson)
TV 13. Lortab Momma (P Benjaman)
TV 14. Osage Girl (J Aycock)

Did not perform

Desi & Cody

6:00pm Saturday April 21

TV Playlist, EarthFest 2012 Apr 21
TV 1. Nightfall
TV 2. An Ode to Hipsters
Franke Lee

8:00pm Saturday April 21


Did not perform