Fish Kill & Friends, Sooner Park, Bartlesville 2011 Dec 26

Mon, 2011 Dec 26
A hastily-staged concert with some old friends at Bartlesville's Sooner Park Pavilion…
"...Is there anybody rocking decently...?"
Fish-Kill & Friends
Sooner Park Pavilion (Google Maps)

Cory Rupert and Chad Carlisle, of Fish-Kill history
John Bonnell, historic in his own right
also Sarah Smith, majic, Noah Emory, and Jack Tyler.
All songs original by the performers, presented by permission.
Prison Song by MJ Clark III & ZG Dudley.

C TV Fish-Kill & Friends 2011 Dec 26 Entire Playlist
TV Fish-Kill and Friends Introduction
Cory Rupert
Singer, songwriter and performer of experimental pop. A longtime 75 artist featured in a number of eclectic groups. Currently associated with Tit for Tat in St. Louis, Mo.
C TV Playlist, Cory Rupert, 2011 Dec 26
C TV 1. Emotional S&M
C TV 2. Formalities, First Impressions, and Introductions
C TV 3. Sap & Cheese
C TV 4. Bi-Polar Crushing Out
5. Dress [PJ Harvey]
C TV 6. White Out
C TV Playlist
TV Warmup, some of Schrödinger's Cat
C TV 1. Figurine
C TV 2. You, Me, & Schrödinger's Cat
3. Sorrow [Bad Religion]
C TV 4. The Sword
C TV 5. Intricacies
C TV 6. A Matter of Consequence
7. Amie [Pure Prairie League]
TV Mic Mod (Commercial)
Polytalented, dynamic composer, guitarist, vocalist, and performer. Frequently graced our stage, solo and in a number of groups. Currently associated with Rainbow Jackson in Los Angeles, Ca.
C TV Playlist
C TV 1. Press Her
C TV Robinson Crusoe (Single)
TV 2. Robinson Crusoe (@4m19s)
C TV 3. Anthony (@7m15s)
C TV 4. Strawberry Fart Sandwich Band
C TV 5. Done All Much (partial, @ 4m6s)
C TV 6. Tricks Downtown (partial, @ 6m1s)
C TV 7. Johnny Walker (@ 6m55s)
C TV 8. Tetris
C TV 9. Rock & Roll Part 3½ (@ 3m3s)
Drummer. Art performer. Brother of Coby Emory.
C TV Playlist
C TV 1. Something Else
C 2. "J" Noise
Guitarist, vocalist, composer, with a wide rock and folk-rock range
1. Breakfast at Tiffany's [Deep Blue Something]
2. Dancing Barefoot [Patti Smith]
Our host but also a composer, guitarist and vocalist, frequently appearing on her own and with others, including cousin Love.
C Playlist
1. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [Beatles]
C 2. Prison Song
Nations of the World [Wacko Warner]