Live-Blogging, Mon, 2011 Dec 26

Mon, 2011 Dec 26

Live-blog (sort-of) during the Fish-Kill & Friends Revisited show at Sooner Park Pavilion, Bartlesville
Pictures, audios, and text relayed to the web during the show
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majic 10:32: Show's over.

Noah Emory — 10:21pm
c Raw Audio #5 (1:20) Python n On (Noah): Something Else

Chad Carlisle — 9:55pm
c Raw Audio #4 (1:37) [Chad Carlisle: Rock & Roll Part 3½]

Chad Carlisle — 9:40pm
c Raw Audio #3 (2:54) [Chad Carlisle: Robinson Crusoe]

John Bonnell — 9:37pm
c Raw Audio #2 (4:56) [John Bonnell: The Sword]

majic 9:24pm: I count seventeen if u include crew and musicians.

Cory Rupert — 8:58pm
c Raw Audio #1 (2:18) [Cory Rupert: White Out]

John Bonnell warms up the crowd — 7:44pm

Cory Rupert
Singer, songwriter and performer of experimental pop. A longtime 75 artist featured in a number of eclectic groups. Currently associated with Tit for Tat in St. Louis, Mo.
C White Out
C The Sword
Polytalented, dynamic composer, guitarist, vocalist, and performer. Frequently graced our stage, solo and in a number of groups. Currently associated with Rainbow Jackson in Los Angeles, Ca.
C Playlist
C Robinson Crusoe
C Rock & Roll Part 3½