Rock'n'Rhythm, Sat, 2004 Mar 27

Sat, 2004 Mar 27
It's ART! Poster for the event.

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A lot of folks stayed right up to the end at 1am,
and enjoyed every minute of this great evening
showcasing so much fantastic local musicianship.

Halogen Flash Frame.
Experimental theatrical rock performance, conceived and composed by Tyler Mitchell

Hope you were here for the exciting opening act. Their first time on our stage, with a special, theatrical set.

Tyler told us he didn't remember the names of the songs, just number them, so we did.

C TV Playlist
C TV #1 Vid1 @0:00
C TV #2 Vid1 @2m22s
C TV #3 Vid1 @4m12s
C TV #4 Vid1 @5m3s
C TV #5 Vid1 @6m46s
C TV #6 Vid2 @0:00
C TV #7 Vid2 @2m7s
C TV #8 Vid2 @4m55s
C TV #9 Vid3 @0:00
C TV #10 Vid3 @2m25s
C TV #11 Vid3 @4m58s
C TV #12 Vid3 @7m56s
Young and fantastic rockers
Tulsa's melodic rockers
Local alternative rockers
Punk band which morphed through various phases both musically and with members finally coming out with their definitive album Axiom in 2004. O/k/a Stwentyone.
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Into the late night, second time on our stage