New Year's Eve Party 2002

2002 — new year's eve party — 2003
with Fish-Kill, Caster, Spank, Nymphomercial, Woolie Wookies, and Slaves of the Television!
Tue, 2002 Dec 31
Starry-eyed partier

All the 2002 NYE Videos

A growing playlist, as we continue to uncover more videos.
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All original songs © the performers, used by permission.

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Fish-Kill 2002 Dec 31 Caster, 2002 Dec 31 Spank 2002 Dec 31 Nymphomercial 2002 Dec 31 Woolie Wookies, sadly, still no photos Slaves of the Television 2002 Dec 31

TV Playlist for the whole evening
MARDCORE PUNK ROCK band from Bartlesville, 2002
C TV Playlist, Fish-Kill 2002 Dec 31
1. Hangin' Out [Operation Ivy]
C TV 2. Limbo
C TV 3. For God's Sake
C TV 4. Lee Harvey Oswald
5. Tourette's (w/Adrian) [Nirvana]
C TV 6. Genderless
C TV 7. Dance Around in Circles
8. Rape Me [Nirvana]
C TV 9. Mard On
10. Twist & Shout à la Fish-Kill [apologies to Phil Medley & Bert Russell]
11. Mr. Bojangles (fea Coby Emory) [Jerry Jeff Walker]
C TV 12. Play Time is Over
C TV 13. Octopissed Pessimist
14. Fish-Kill's Black Flag's Louie Louie (w/ Adrian) [apologies to Richard Berry]
C TV 15. Armageddon
Makeshift (Formerly known as Caster) 2003-12-31
The band who wrote a song inspired by's Peach Smoothies. Later, with an altered lineup, known as Makeshift.
The Guys
Screaming punk rockers from Bartlesville-Nowata with an original sound.
Nymphomercial shows how it's done, blasting an enthusiastic crowd through the Old Year's end and into 2003. Powered by Jon Schroeder, Noah Emory, and Coby Emory.
C TV Playlist
C TV 0. The Job Song
C TV 1. My POV
C TV 2. I Am, I Hate You + 2002 New Year's Countdown
3. Geek Stink Breath [Green Day]
C TV 4. The Guy
C TV 5. Mike
C TV 6. Smokin' Token
C TV 7. All Alone
8. Slow Ride (Sublime)
9. Where Eagles Dare (w/Adrian) [Misfits]
C TV 10. Why
C TV 11. Used
C TV 12. Punched In The Face
A mysterious band of musicians, whom we've never been able to identify or photograph. No one claims to have been in this group. This text may be updated if any new information is uncovered.
Slaves of the Television
Experimental Metal group of various configurations in the early 2000's