Rock'n'Rhythm, Fri, 2002 Jun 21

Fri, 2002 Jun 21
The original release of "Chain of Command" was dated 2002 May 31, but the correct date is 2002 June 21.

Lingua Franca

All original songs © the performers, used by permission.

Lingua Franca: Chain of Command: C vid TMerch
The Guys
Screaming punk rockers from Bartlesville-Nowata with an original sound.

Vid Video probably exists!

Lingua Franca
Punk band, 2002
C TV Playlist
C TV 1. Cigarette Smoke
C TV 2. Putting Together Puzzles
C TV 3. Chain of Command
C TV 4. Lenin vs. Grandma
C TV 5. Neighborhood Watch
C TV 6. Michael Jackson