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To be sure you get just the pizza you want, call ahead at 918-335-9386 (or you can contact us via AOL Instant Messenger; send message to us75com or via the chat room *us75com main room (sometimes the chat computer is up but isn't staffed, so don't just assume we got your order.. be sure to get a confirming reply from us) .
pizza -- from scratch
Square cutWe're not a "pizza parlour." Our cafe makes great pizza on the home-cooking scale. We craft every pizza from scratch, making our own delicious seasoned crust and pizza sauce.

We usually offer pizza by the square (Chicago cut) during the weekend shows... or whenever a crowd seems hungry for some.
Pictured, cheese pizza square-cut

  Square 12"
Cheese Pizza -- seasoned mozzerella & our own great pizza sauce on a tasty baked crust. 50¢ $7.00
*Nacho Pizza-- add Mexican cheese, our own great salsa, & our own refried beans.
Nutloaf Pizza -- add our nutloaf crumbles (try it with jalapeños)
Kansas Pizza -- add cheddar, corn & sunflower seeds.
75¢ $10.00
Garden Pizza -- our Edenic mix of cheeses & veggies
$1.00 $13.00
Mediterranean Veggie Pizza -- with hummus instead of tomato sauce, veggies, and just enough cheese to weld it together. $1.25 $15.00
Add Ingredient: Nutloaf, Mushrooms, Bell Pepper, Fresh Tomato, Avocado, Fresh Garlic, Jalapeños, Pineapple, Corn, Broccoli $1.00 / ingr

Pizza hot from the ovenTraditional toppings of grated parmesan, crushed red pepper, and oregano available.Want your Nacho Pizza with only our salsa, no pizza sauce? A different cheese combo? Just ask! We offer a variety of condiments including [*]Gaylord Hauser's Spike seasoning and the good-tasting soy sauce substitute [*]Bragg Liquid Aminos. Increase the heat on your Nacho Pizza with [*]Tobasco sauce, or accent your Un Pizza with one of our selection of delicious dressings.

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