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We make our own salsa and pizza sauce fresh from scratch.
nutloaf -- a hearty staple on the side or as a main dish
Nutloaf dinnerOur nutloaf is made from walnuts and pecans, blended with fresh vegetables, eggs, yogurt, herbs and spices. We serve nutloaf slices to have as a dinner (shown here with baked potato), served on rice, or as a side dish. Enhance with plain old ketchup and mustard, or the ground-vegetable taste and texture works equally well with salad dressings.

We make nutloaf in "breadloaf" style, in rings, as patties (see sandwich menu) and as a crumbled topping for a pizza or on a nacho, or on rice or over a baked potato.

Simple slice of nutloaf -- served heated, with choice of sauces and dressings. $1.00
Garden Nutloaf -- a slice of nutloaf served on a bed of rice, with a side of veggies, topped with cheeses and warmed through. Choice of sauces and dressings.
Nutloaf & Simple Salad -- served on a bed of salad mix, with choice of dressings. $2.50
size serves  
Small Loaf 4 to 6 $10.00
Large Loaf 6 to 8 $12.00
Ring Loaf 8 to 10 $14.00
Great Gravy 6 to 8 $2.00

We offer a variety of condiments including Gaylord Hauser's Spike seasoning[*] and the good-tasting soy sauce substitute Bragg Liquid Aminos[*]. Increase the heat on your Nacho Rice with Tobasco sauce[*], or accent your Garden Nutloaf with one of our selection of delicious dressings.
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