Our log of happened & happenings
This page begun 2008 Jan 02. Still getting caught up; soon: more pictures and sounds and videos.
Drew whiteSatuday 2008 Mar 22

Drew White came by to see us. He promised to send us some his new Irish Punk band's music. Look for it soon on the us75.com/downloads/ page.

Congratulations to Drew and Avalon on their recent engagement. They're to be married this Hallowe'en!

Surfragettes Playlist 2007-12-31Satuday 2008 Mar 15 We were open for another open house from 4 to 8 pm. Also uploaded the Surfragettes 'Brand New sound' Video. Check it out on the us75.com/downloads/ page.
Saturday 2008 Mar 8 All the plumbing excitement is over for this week.
Waterline repairFriday 2008 Mar 7 This winter's deep freeze destroyed our water main. Working through Friday's freezing temperatures and horizontally-blowing snow, Flow-Tech got us hooked up again.

Pictured: Billy of Flow-Tech as they repair our broken water main.
Click on the picture for a larger image.
Photo: MJ Clark II

2008 Jan 21 Monday By special agreement with the outstanding HotrodboB:
HotrodboB patchSound Check Song added to downloads/
HotrodboB Patch brought to market/
2008 Jan 20 Sunday After far too long, the dangerous, warped, molded, patched and pathetic honkeytonk dance floor is being removed. Pictures and video soon.
Negative Fashion
The Beginning of the End by Negative Fashion added to downloads/

2008 Jan 19 Saturday We were open in the lobby shop from 4 to 8 pm today. Fun video of Kara and Levi dancing coming soon.
Tyler Mitchell
Chimney by Halogen added to downloads/
2007 Dec 31 Monday We closed out 2007 with a
Surfragetteswith live music by (L to R)
Drew Shipley, Daniel Hampton and Cory Rupert
performing a one hour surf-rock special as the Surfragettes. An enthusiastic crowd attended.
Recordings on the downloads page.
Pop2007 Dec 29-31 We brewed some coffee and some hot apple cider and had a fine
Sat-Sun-Mon, Dec 29-30-31, 4-8pm
With some old friends & some new ones.
Holiday guests
L-R: Michael, Dawn, Mary Jo. [DLT]
Sat 2007 Dec 22 We had to close our Holiday Open House early due to (even yet more) ice. WreathReally nice of Michael, Dawn, and brother Chris to brave the elements for a little hot apple cider and camraderie! Special thanks to Mike for braving the elements for party supplies.