Playlist, Fish-Kill 2002 Dec 31

Tue, 2002 Dec 31 Playlist, Fish-Kill 2002 Dec 31
New Years Eve 2002Videos, audios, pictures, and memories of the New Year's Eve party, 2002, all of it... except Woolie Wookies, who for some reason just never seem to get photographed, maintaining their mystique as the band from an alternative surreality.
C TV Playlist, Fish-Kill 2002 Dec 31
1. Hangin' Out [Operation Ivy]
C TV 2. Limbo
C TV 3. For God's Sake
C TV 4. Lee Harvey Oswald
5. Tourette's (w/Adrian) [Nirvana]
C TV 6. Genderless
C TV 7. Dance Around in Circles
8. Rape Me [Nirvana]
C TV 9. Mard On
10. Twist & Shout à la Fish-Kill [apologies to Phil Medley & Bert Russell]
11. Mr. Bojangles (fea Coby Emory) [Jerry Jeff Walker]
C TV 12. Play Time is Over
C TV 13. Octopissed Pessimist
14. Fish-Kill's Black Flag's Louie Louie (w/ Adrian) [apologies to Richard Berry]
C TV 15. Armageddon